Right of Way Violations

Maryville Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Right of Way Violations

Hartsoe Law Firm is an experienced Knoxville and Maryville motorcycle accident law firm. Mark Hartsoe is known for his years of representing victims in motorcycle accidents and injuries caused by right-of-way violations. He has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for injured parties in Maryville and across Tennessee.

Motorcycle Safety in Tennessee

Motorcycles provide a fast and economic means of transportation for riders across the state. Those who have escaped the confines of a car often hesitate to return. But motorcycle safety for Tennessee is not its proudest suit. According to recent reports, the state averages between 140 and 148 motorcycle fatalities and 2,500 injuries per year. Blount County ranks third in crash rates, with more than 220 accidents each year. Almost one-third of all accidents occur at marked intersections, indicating that there is at least one party at fault.

Defensive Riding in Traffic

Most riders are aware that they are far less visible to drivers in traffic. Lacking steel frames, seat belts, and airbags, motorcycles provide little to no shield for the rider. Experienced and careful riders know to remain within a driver’s field of vision and maintain a safe distance between vehicles. But drivers do not always extend the same courtesy. To them, size matters, and bigger vehicles are entitled to the right-of-way. Many motorcycle accidents are therefore caused by a driver’s intentional or accidental reluctance to yield.

Right-of-Way Violations

Too many accidents are caused by distracted or rude drivers. They stand out in traffic by their failure to yield, or tendency to take, the right of way. To them, giving up space is like a weakness or afterthought discovered too late. Right-of-way violations often involve:

  • Merging lanes
  • Road construction
  • Running red lights
  • Pedestrian crosswalk
  • Unprotected left turns
  • Crowded intersections
  • Crossing center divider
  • Three or four-way stops
  • Un-signaled lane change

Right-of-way situations often require a judgment call. In executing an unprotected turn, the vehicle turning left must yield to quickly oncoming traffic. Merging lanes require that vehicles on the left yield to those on the right. Before entering an intersection, drivers should look for opposing traffic that is approaching so rapidly as to constitute a risk. Even if rude motorists do not have the right-of-way, it is safer to be angry than to be injured in an accident.

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Failure to Yield

Right-of-way violations affect car drivers and motorcycle riders differently. Even careful bikers can fall victim to negligent drivers. Without a car’s protection, riders are often thrown from their bikes and crushed by other cars. Failing to brake at an intersection may therefore cause a “T-bone” accident that severely injures another driver but proves fatal to the rider. Crossing the center divider may likewise cause property damage to opposing traffic, but kill a motorcycle rider. Motorcycle riders often suffer catastrophic injuries that leave them disfigured or disabled for life. Past and future medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering are all costs the liable driver must pay.

Seek Legal Representation from an Experienced Attorney

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident caused by a right-of-way violation, a skilled Knoxville and Maryville personal injury lawyer at Hartsoe Law Firm can help. Mark Hartsoe has successfully handled all types of motorcycle accident cases, recovering millions for injured persons in Tennessee. He is respected for his extensive experience in this particular area of law. Mr. Hartsoe is considered to be the “go to” motorcycle attorney in Tennessee and is referred cases throughout the State of Tennessee by other lawyers from across the United States. Working with witnesses and accident experts, Mr. Hartsoe studies the physical evidence at the scene of the crash and accurately recreates the collision. He has helped numerous riders who have suffered critical injuries and permanent disability. At Hartsoe Law Firm, we understand accidents are traumatic and are devoted helping you get the compensation you deserve. Call 865-804-1011 for a free consultation or contact us online.

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We appreciate the great job that you did on our case. You watched out for our interest even before you took our case. Mark Hartsoe did a wonderful job. He showed great expertise as he went up against a multi-national corporation with multiple lawyers. He had a thorough understanding of the many details and events that occurred. We were especially impressed with his skill during mediation. Mark’s PowerPoint presentation was excellent, overwhelming the opposition. It was refreshing to work with someone who does what he says he will and truly had our best interest in mind. Thank you for everything. Dennis and Julie Greene
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